Universal Gps / smartphone holder USB Charger

Compatible for 3.5″ – 7″ screen mobile phone, with 0.4” thickness
We all know that using a phone while riding your bike is not something that is recommended. But we also know that there are exceptional cases where you need to use it. Like when you need to see the GPS after getting lost when you want to change the music, or simply to see if someone urgently needs you.
With its new design, our Motorcycle Phone Mount Holder with USB Charger Port is an unbeatable combination of durability, stability, versatility, and user-friendliness. Enjoy the convenience of installation in two different positions. You can install it on the mirror bar. Remove the phone mount clamp and mount another part, then easily install it on the mirror bar if that is your preference. Or, install it on the ⅞” handlebar if that is more convenient for your riding style. Lock your phone securely in place with Motorcycle Phone Mount Holder and hit the road without worrying your phone will fall.

• Made of ABS engineering plastic, this Motorcycle Phone Mount Holder with Charger is sturdy and break-resistant. The durable clamps won’t snap or degrade as rubber bands would.
• USB Charger Port Integration – With 5V 2A charging port. You will just need to run the two power lines to the bike battery, and you’ll have a power outlet to charge your phone while riding.
• Adjustable grip with 360° rotation and adjustable bracket design – simply adjust and secure your phone or GPS to any position or angle you prefer with a 360° rotation ball.
• Overload Protection: Auto power off when the charging voltage exceeds 30V.
• 12V to 30V wide-range input voltage is applied to all motorcycle, electric bicycle, scooter, ATV, car, etc.
• Compatible for iPhone, GPS, Samsung, Google Nexus, Sony, Xiaomi, Huawei, Cubot & other phone brands with 3.5-7 inches screen. GPS navigator, MP3 Player, etc.